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How to Get the Most Out of the Programs & Services Available to Veterans, Active Duty Service Members & Their Families!

On Military Resource Radio, our mission statement is simple: We CONNECT veterans and active duty service members with amazing resources and organizations to improve their lives.  We INSPIRE veterans, active duty service members and civilians alike to get involved with these amazing resources and organizations.  We ENLIGHTEN veterans, active duty service members and civilians alike on service related resources and benefits (like the real estate and mortgage market and process), as well as other current military news and events related to them.

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Gold Star Father Kris Hager (Part 2)

In the second part of their four part interview, Tony Gatliff – host of Military Resource Radio – and his guest – Gold Star Father Kris Hager – begin to scratch the surface on many interesting subjects including Kris founding a high school in 1994, Kris’ now deceased son – Joshua (an Army Ranger) – and what he was like as a child, Joshua being accepted into a magnet school in Van Nuys, CA, Joshua joining the military, his ex-wife Esther, becoming an ordained minister, being part of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, Gold Star Families, and much more. Listen to this compelling story and our next two episodes with Gold Star Father Kris Hager on Military Resource Radio!

Supporting Veterans & Active Duty Service Members

Each & Every Day

We created the Patriots Charity Initiative from our belief that one day a year is not enough to thank our veterans and active duty service members for defending the freedoms we enjoy every single day. BBMC Mortgage makes a $150 donation for each qualifying loan that we close. We expect our annual donations to reach nearly $1 million dollars. We know that the charities that we’ve partnered with will put that money to good use in our veteran and active duty military communities. We are committed to serving those who are or have served, and this program allows us to express our gratitude in a very tangible and meaningful way each and every day. We are proud that giving back to our veterans and active duty service members is engrained in the fiber of BBMC Mortgage.